Viva Las Vegas

I finally had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas and I'm going back real soon!lol We had a 2 bedroom suite at the Palms Place about 5 minutes away from the strip on the 39th Floor!!! The hotel was amazing with slot machines, restaurants, 2 pools (one bomb pool party), and a venue for shows. Because Vegas is 3 hours behind, you feel lie the days last forever and the nights never end. I swear I slept for at least 7 hours the entire trip because I had so much fun and so much to do! I hear everyone talk about buffets and they are pretty amazing...... the wax museum is so fun and I felt like I really met my celeb friends!HA! Then I ended up at 1 Oak like my girl Kim K . . . yep! So fun and bomb music! The club inside of Mandalay Bay, Light nightclub was also dope. & Of course I went to REHAB. . .Best pool party on earth they say? Probably so!lol Especially when you have VIP! To say the lease, I can go on for days about this trip!. . . . 

Take a Look & Go to Vegas. . .  



Festivals? I've loved festivals ever since I was a kid and I appreciate them even more now! Lollapalooza is in Chicago,IL and it is thee best time. With over 400 thousand in attendance and artists of different genres all across grant park is unforgettable. From Big Sean to Lil Yachty to Tove Lo to 6lack to Joey BadAss to Rae Sremmurd, etc..... was definitely one for the books. Going from stage to stage hearing all of this summer's hottest jams was EPIC. I pretty much danced from the time I walked in until I left that night. There were so many cool props for pictures.There were people there from all over the world jus having a good time.  Food?  Amazing...Its Chicago, Duh!lol

Festival Fashion? My faaaaavoriteee!lol Festival fashion has become super popular lately and I am here for it. Everyone is either dipped in glitter or covered in sequins or something cool and crazy to meet the festival fashion demands. I decided to wear a romper completely covered in fringe and a pair of black combat boots! Men?...they were covered in glitter too! Ha..well some! A lot of men decided to rock a jersey, bandana, and a cool pair of sneakers or even go as crazy as a Hawaiin shirts with a pair of printed shorts...whatever! I thought it was all fun! .   

Dancing around Grant Park covered in fringe?....pretty much a good time! I'd do it again next year and you should too! 

Consistency is Key

Its been a while since I blogged but I hope what you are about to read about inspires you in some way!! Here it goes....

I've had a rough last week or 2! One of my Uncles passed away and he was the coolest...COOLEST literally. I will always remember his cool voicemail greeting, the fact that he thought I was thee flyest person ever...HA! so I will always leave the house as fly as can be even on my bad days lol, and most importantly his CONSISTENCY in attitude and having a heart of gold no matter the day, no matter the weather! 

Consistent: Acting or done in the same way over time;;

It wasn't until this week in my life that I learned the true meaning of "Hard times will reveal true friends". . . Anyone can gossip with you, laugh with you, celebrate an accomplishment with you, but those that will catch you when you fall as well as celebrate you when you're up are those that you should keep around. Hearing that someone passed away on the news breaks my heart; & Hearing that one of my friend's loved ones passed away breaks my heart even more, because I know that they're hurting. When you genuinely love someone, you feel their pain. Now is there something that someone can do to take that pain away? Absolutely NOT! But to know that someone cares surely feels good!! A text message that says..."Hey are you ok?, I'm really praying for you!, I love you!, & Im here"!...MEANS EVERYTHING! many of those messages did I get..quite a few, but from a very very small group of people! Someone stopping what they're doing mid day to drive by to make sure I'm legit ok... thats truly appreciated. Thank you ALL for being consistent in my time of need!  I love you & appreciate you! God has blatantly showed me who has my best interest at heart and my goodness does he answer prayers, because I constantly pray for my friends and ask him to constantly reveal who is true! It doesn't always have to be a death of a loved one, but we all as human beings will have our down days and you too will need a shoulder to lean on...Who will be that shoulder? 

Life is too short for any type of negative energy....SO, be consistent with your love! Be consistent with your friendships! Laugh often preferably a few times a day lol. Go to Dairy Queen a few times a week! Don't complain, because it can always be worse! Most importantly......Tell those that you love that you love them everyday...I sure do! 

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

In today's world, it takes a strong individual...yes you must be a true INDIVIDUAL who knows who you are and where you are going! Everyone is so competitive when it comes to career, certain lifestyles, appearance, and more. Everyday that we wake up should be a constant reminder that you are enough. Theres NOTHING, absolutely nothing wrong with bettering yourself for you but if you are doing it to keep up with a friend, then your doing it all for the wrong reasons. God made you who you are for a reason and if there is anyone in your life that is blocking you to become who God wants, then its time to make some changes. Get that degree if you want it for you. Go to grad school if you want it for you. Live a healthier lifestyle because YOU want to look and feel good for yourself not because you feel inferior to a friend. Support your friends in their endeavors but never let anyone make you feel inferior or like you have to change to "keep up" with them. Ask God about your destiny. . . & be the best YOU!!