No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

In today's world, it takes a strong individual...yes you must be a true INDIVIDUAL who knows who you are and where you are going! Everyone is so competitive when it comes to career, certain lifestyles, appearance, and more. Everyday that we wake up should be a constant reminder that you are enough. Theres NOTHING, absolutely nothing wrong with bettering yourself for you but if you are doing it to keep up with a friend, then your doing it all for the wrong reasons. God made you who you are for a reason and if there is anyone in your life that is blocking you to become who God wants, then its time to make some changes. Get that degree if you want it for you. Go to grad school if you want it for you. Live a healthier lifestyle because YOU want to look and feel good for yourself not because you feel inferior to a friend. Support your friends in their endeavors but never let anyone make you feel inferior or like you have to change to "keep up" with them. Ask God about your destiny. . . & be the best YOU!!