J u s t GOD.

As i get older, i realize who i am, who my R E A L friends are, what i want, & most importantly that i have to follow Gods plan for my life. NO, not brcause of the Drake song haha but because I am 28 and closer to 30 and maturing every. single. day. Theres a season for everything under the sun. I never stop learning and growing. The more you pray.. the easier you handle live’s situations. The more silent you are, the easier you hear just what you need to do. Pick your battles, not all of them are worth fighting. I hope I inspire you today. . . Pray constantly. Love Others.  Live the way GOD wants you to. 



Outfit Details:

Adidas Sweatshirt on SALE at Urban Outfitters 

Super Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Vans  

Hat: GodisDope.COM 

L o v e

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!! Lets Talk about this made up holiday that some go crazy over. If you’re in a romantic relationship or not, you should celebrate love and all of your relationships (family, friends, etc...) simply because life is short. 


Lets rewind back to almost 5 years ago before I met my Xavier. Well I knew him longer than that but he didnt find me until about Summer/Fall 13 (The bible Says, “A man findeth a good woman”)! Thats a word for ALL women to wait for HIM to find you...In the mean time: Enjoy Yourself. Find who you really are. What do you really want? Become an expert at something. Find your best hobbies. Be a best friend to your girlfriends. Take Vacays. Love on your family. Read. Become stronger in Christ. Ask God to prepare you to become the woman he made you to be so that you can become a wife for when that Man FINDS His good thing (you)! 

Fast forward to now. . . I am happy and I dont look to the “jay-z/beyonces” as relationship goals but instead we set our own standard for love. Other couples, even when I was single has NEVER been a goal or inspiration of mine. I know who i am and just that will set you up for happy life!!! 





In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world

Denim is one of the hardest things to shop for as a woman. They’re so many brands, washes, fits, lengths, etc.... & its hard to find the perfect pair. My absolutely favorite pair of jeans is the high waisted “joni” or “jaimie” jean from Topshop They ate super stretchy but they don’t stretch out. They sort of stretch to ypur figure. They are true to size and the length is perfect rather you are short like me and it the perfect length or you are tall and then it’s a perfect ankle length jean. But they cone in tall as well. Leggings are great...but like i said...you can conquer the world in the right pair of denim. 



H a p p y 2018

Happy New Year!! What are your resolutions!! I have a few but one is to be more consistent with my blogging AND Ive decided to start vlogging! so I have a YouTube Channel..Yay! Why? Because Its s fun. I wanted a new hobby and because I can sit and watch my favorite Youtubers all day...(MakeUpShayla, Golden Barbie,etc...), I decided to start my own. I love seein others enjoy life and motivate others through makeup, fashion, & just living life to the fullest. cheers to 2018! Subscribe to my channel and take a look at my first vlog below!