In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world

Denim is one of the hardest things to shop for as a woman. They’re so many brands, washes, fits, lengths, etc.... & its hard to find the perfect pair. My absolutely favorite pair of jeans is the high waisted “joni” or “jaimie” jean from Topshop They ate super stretchy but they don’t stretch out. They sort of stretch to ypur figure. They are true to size and the length is perfect rather you are short like me and it the perfect length or you are tall and then it’s a perfect ankle length jean. But they cone in tall as well. Leggings are great...but like i can conquer the world in the right pair of denim. 



H a p p y 2018

Happy New Year!! What are your resolutions!! I have a few but one is to be more consistent with my blogging AND Ive decided to start vlogging! so I have a YouTube Channel..Yay! Why? Because Its s fun. I wanted a new hobby and because I can sit and watch my favorite Youtubers all day...(MakeUpShayla, Golden Barbie,etc...), I decided to start my own. I love seein others enjoy life and motivate others through makeup, fashion, & just living life to the fullest. cheers to 2018! Subscribe to my channel and take a look at my first vlog below! 



Viva Las Vegas

I finally had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas and I'm going back real soon!lol We had a 2 bedroom suite at the Palms Place about 5 minutes away from the strip on the 39th Floor!!! The hotel was amazing with slot machines, restaurants, 2 pools (one bomb pool party), and a venue for shows. Because Vegas is 3 hours behind, you feel lie the days last forever and the nights never end. I swear I slept for at least 7 hours the entire trip because I had so much fun and so much to do! I hear everyone talk about buffets and they are pretty amazing...... the wax museum is so fun and I felt like I really met my celeb friends!HA! Then I ended up at 1 Oak like my girl Kim K . . . yep! So fun and bomb music! The club inside of Mandalay Bay, Light nightclub was also dope. & Of course I went to REHAB. . .Best pool party on earth they say? Probably so!lol Especially when you have VIP! To say the lease, I can go on for days about this trip!. . . . 

Take a Look & Go to Vegas. . .  



Festivals? I've loved festivals ever since I was a kid and I appreciate them even more now! Lollapalooza is in Chicago,IL and it is thee best time. With over 400 thousand in attendance and artists of different genres all across grant park is unforgettable. From Big Sean to Lil Yachty to Tove Lo to 6lack to Joey BadAss to Rae Sremmurd, etc..... was definitely one for the books. Going from stage to stage hearing all of this summer's hottest jams was EPIC. I pretty much danced from the time I walked in until I left that night. There were so many cool props for pictures.There were people there from all over the world jus having a good time.  Food?  Amazing...Its Chicago, Duh!lol

Festival Fashion? My faaaaavoriteee!lol Festival fashion has become super popular lately and I am here for it. Everyone is either dipped in glitter or covered in sequins or something cool and crazy to meet the festival fashion demands. I decided to wear a romper completely covered in fringe and a pair of black combat boots! Men?...they were covered in glitter too! Ha..well some! A lot of men decided to rock a jersey, bandana, and a cool pair of sneakers or even go as crazy as a Hawaiin shirts with a pair of printed shorts...whatever! I thought it was all fun! .   

Dancing around Grant Park covered in fringe?....pretty much a good time! I'd do it again next year and you should too!