Spread Love!

I cant help but acknowledge the love that has been spread across the world for Nipsey Hussle . . its AMAZING!! We’ve learned a lot because his death has opened eyes and you see the love he spread amongst EVERYONE which is how we all should be! But what breaks my heart is how we have empathy towards someone that we’ve never met but hold forever grudges against our friends whom we’ve claim to love? How can we post about these celebrity relationships but have friends who are in amazing relationships that you’ve witnessed with your own eyes but secretly hate on them? How can your heart break for only certain people but not shed a tear when you see tragedies all across the news every single day?  My Point is that we are all of one race. . . the human race. Love everyone. Respect Everyone. Be a blessing. Spread Love & Light. .  . & let this lost be an eye opener for us to love better , be better friends, human beings , & most importantly be true!!!! 




What would you say to your younger self?

A letter to the 21 year old me. . .  


Don’t rush! God has a plan, sis!lol You cannot figure it all out yourself. Everyone that you have met in college were possible scammers except for a few.. ok 2 lol No shade. My time at Purdue wouldn’t have been as memorable, as life changing, & as fun if I didnt meet those ppl who they say... “The friends you meet in college are the ones you will have for a lifetime!” . . . & Then There were 2! You ladies witnessed my transition from college girl to grown a** woman lol THANK YOU! 


Tabia, The things that matter at 21 will not matter at 29! The things that hurt your feelings at 21 will not matter at 29! Ask God to mold you into the woman that you will become! In about 2.5 years you will get into a relationship with someone that you’ve already met!ha! & it will be the best ever! At 29 you will have been head over heels for 5 whole years in this relationship. . . wait on it!


Adulthood will treat you good! You will meet friends in your adulthood that you will click with over things such as Benihana, DQ, Donuts, Anthony Hamilton and so forth lol & some of true friends from childhood wont leave your side! You will also lose a few along the way BUT its all good! You will also be privileged and blessed to become a GodMom to your forever brista’s  baby! 


Fashion will always be one of your favorite things. . . you will always love it and blog and so on but at 28, you will have accomplished alot working in retail (have a bachelor of science degree from PURDUE in fashion merchandising, an InStyle Magazine Blog Feature, Fashion BombDaily Bombshell of the day feature, have been an Escada Intern, Giorgio Armani Merchandising Manager, GAP Talent Manager, & ADM at Nordstrom)! You will have learned alot 7 years post grad & retail experience. . . but during your 27th year of life. . . you will pray for a change and for God to guide you to where he wants you to go & in January 2018 just before your 28th birthday, you will end up working in Finance and you will love it! MAKE THAT COIN SIS! & Believe it or not. . . you will end up in school again to obtain your MBA in finance! 



Keep God first and miracles are going to happen! 




Dear 2018 . . .

Thank you for another year of life, love, growth & the ability to live a life that god wants me to live. I had a good year. God ahowed up and showed out per usual. I learned so much this year and im so excited for whats to come! As we close 2018 out over thos next week, I wanna encourage everyone to be patient and wait on GOD no matter what your circumstances are! i promise..he will win everytime and you will be able look back and say “it was all worth the wait” ! 


Take a look at a glance of my magical 2018 below:



I’m Thankful for . . .

As 2018 comes to an end. . . I find myself reflecting on the year an how much I’ve grown in my life as a woman & in my career!! 2018 Ive made big decisions and major accomplishments in my career! I am so thankful that this year I’ve learned to get out of my own way and fully let GOD direct my path and let me tell you. . . life is stress free. When you wake up every day and give it all to God, the day runs smoother and you have less headaches and anxiety. 

I am thankful for my friends and how my friendships have strengthened my character. I learned this year that no matter what goes on , how hectic life can be , the distance between us . . . should NOT affect the relationship {friendship}. Often times we think that our friends are invincible and that we are not supposed to argue with them but then we forget that we have disagreements with our family and love them just them same. We have disagreements with our significant others and love them just the same. BUT then it comes to our friends. . . we have that one awkward moment or feud and it. changes. the game. But Why? Granted, there are those people who are only in life for a season so in that case,and thats when you have to let go and let god. BUT then we have those friends we’ve been with for years and they have proven themselves to be LIFELONG! So pray and ask god to know the difference. So talk it through. Love your friends. Friends are CHOSEN FAMILY! 

I am thankful for life itself. Not everyone made it to see this thanksgiving & we did. When you are about to complain, remember that you are still here. Life can be worse. Dont compare yourself to anyone. & God always has a plan!

I am thankful for the ability to love and be loved!