Miami is always a good idea

I cannot believe my first vacation of 2017 is over already...*sigh* but more to come lol! If you have not been to Miami, let me tell you why you should go...SOON!ha! The food is delicious.... I have a serious love for cuban sandwiches from Manolo & Rene Cafe. My other favorite restaurant is Tacology located in the Brickell area (downtown Miami). FASHION... The shopping is to die for....from Zara to Saks to Dash to Sparkle & Shine Darling Boutique...all my favorites and of course many more. Everyone loves to go to the beach which is beautiful yet relaxing but don't just stay on South Beach..theres SO MUCH more Miami has to offer. There's Bayfront Park located downtown where you can shop, eat, take a boat ride, and get a daiquiri from the famous,Fat Tuesday's. The night life is so live simply because clubs are open to 5am or even 24 hours a day (Club E11evn was my fav!) Fire & Ice bar is an experience of a lifetime. Theres an entire bar made of ice, a 23-degree winter wonderland of ice; ice sculptures, seats, tables, couches, the bar top &...I mean even your cups are made of ice. How cool?!lol I can go on and on but I hope that my experience in Miami inspires you to take a vacation or BAEcation this year!!