When God chooses you

When God chooses you, they are just certain places you can't go even if you want to. You may think, " oh this door should open, it will be a blessing!" But God will purposely not open that door simply because he has that much favor on your life and he has something better...BE PATIENT. When God chooses you, you will lose friends and wonder why. God will place some people in your life for a season and you have to be okay with that because you've learned what you were supposed to and its time to move on. You have to be ok with the fact that he is using you and preparing you for greater. When God chooses you, you will be blessed in every aspect of your life. People will look at you and wonder how you got to where you did without their help, support, or encouragement but in reality....You never needed them anyway. Spend time with God and allow him to instruct you so that you can live the life you were meant to live.