Viva Las Vegas

I finally had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas and I'm going back real soon!lol We had a 2 bedroom suite at the Palms Place about 5 minutes away from the strip on the 39th Floor!!! The hotel was amazing with slot machines, restaurants, 2 pools (one bomb pool party), and a venue for shows. Because Vegas is 3 hours behind, you feel lie the days last forever and the nights never end. I swear I slept for at least 7 hours the entire trip because I had so much fun and so much to do! I hear everyone talk about buffets and they are pretty amazing...... the wax museum is so fun and I felt like I really met my celeb friends!HA! Then I ended up at 1 Oak like my girl Kim K . . . yep! So fun and bomb music! The club inside of Mandalay Bay, Light nightclub was also dope. & Of course I went to REHAB. . .Best pool party on earth they say? Probably so!lol Especially when you have VIP! To say the lease, I can go on for days about this trip!. . . . 

Take a Look & Go to Vegas. . .