J u s t GOD.

As i get older, i realize who i am, who my R E A L friends are, what i want, & most importantly that i have to follow Gods plan for my life. NO, not brcause of the Drake song haha but because I am 28 and closer to 30 and maturing every. single. day. Theres a season for everything under the sun. I never stop learning and growing. The more you pray.. the easier you handle live’s situations. The more silent you are, the easier you hear just what you need to do. Pick your battles, not all of them are worth fighting. I hope I inspire you today. . . Pray constantly. Love Others.  Live the way GOD wants you to. 



Outfit Details:

Adidas Sweatshirt on SALE at Urban Outfitters 

Super Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Vans  

Hat: GodisDope.COM