Spread Love!

I cant help but acknowledge the love that has been spread across the world for Nipsey Hussle . . its AMAZING!! We’ve learned a lot because his death has opened eyes and you see the love he spread amongst EVERYONE which is how we all should be! But what breaks my heart is how we have empathy towards someone that we’ve never met but hold forever grudges against our friends whom we’ve claim to love? How can we post about these celebrity relationships but have friends who are in amazing relationships that you’ve witnessed with your own eyes but secretly hate on them? How can your heart break for only certain people but not shed a tear when you see tragedies all across the news every single day?  My Point is that we are all of one race. . . the human race. Love everyone. Respect Everyone. Be a blessing. Spread Love & Light. .  . & let this lost be an eye opener for us to love better , be better friends, human beings , & most importantly be true!!!!