God is within her. . . She will NOT fail

God is within her, she will NOT fail. . . -Psalms 46:5

Sometimes God assigns you to places and you don't even know why you're there. You search for answers and confide in people to help you figure out why things are the way that they are. You search for people to give you a pat on the back when at the end of the day..... we are supposed to be living and working for him anyway. You may think school, work, etc... may go unnoticed but it doesn't. You may be giving your all and still feel a sense of uncertainty or emptiness BUT he knows all and sees all. Go into everyday thinking... God is within me, I will NOT fail. I will succeed because hardship and hard work comes with success. & with this mindset, he will take you to higher heights! Reap your harvest now!!! Blessings!