Keep your eyes on the Prize.

The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. . . Psalms 138:8

What is the one thing or habit that we do everyday that we don't necessarily need but we desire it anyway?  Social Media? Guilty. I'm sure we all have those days where after a long day of work, you get in bed and literally scroll through Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook for an hour.....or more? lol Then we promise ourselves that we will be more productive. Do we worry ourselves with things of complete unimportance? Trying to please someone? Impress or prove yourself to someone? Or are we obessing over things  in our lives that we absolutely can't control. For example... Whats my next move in life? We are in high school and can't wait for college, then we go to college and get that degree and THEN what? ready for real life right? Yes! Now we are in the real world with real jobs and careers and relationships and so on. But now we're seeking the next best thing..... marriages, engagements, promotions, a move to a new city and/or state. I am current reading this book, Dusty Crowns by Heather Lindsey. I absolutely love her and her messages that she sends to ladies across the world. In this book she tells us that we shouldn't constantly seek whats next but be content where we are and seek Jesus because once you have that next thing that you're seeking you will still have that void because what you were missing all along was God. We will NEVER be happy or content until we have that relationship that we need with God FIRST and FOREMOST. Be content where you are now, do your best, and let God take you the next level. My prayer is that we all focus on what's really important and let God perfect those areas in life that are in need. Bad Habits...Give them to god. Being an obsessive worrier or over thinker.... Stop. let him handle it. God will perfect those areas that truly concern you and all that doesn't fall into that category, you gotta let it go! Blessings. . .