LOVE in Action

( Romans 12:9 ) Don’t pretend to love others, really love them. Love MUST be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

I believe theres a season for everything. I chose this topic because I think that you never stop learning, growing, and realizing who your true god sent friends are. Now we would think at some point once we've reached adulthood, that we know whose really for us. Not True. God will send you people in your life at any given time that will support and encourage your growth,your career, and also accomplishments.  That is LOVE in action. But in that same breath, he will remove those people who does just the opposite because its not healthy. We as human beings are so use to routine and having the "same" friends because thats what we're use to but we need to ask ourselves, "Is this relationship of God? , does this person support me?, Am I secretly jealous of this person or is person secretly jealous of me?, Is this seriously a frenemy that I am keeping around and breaking bread with KNOWING that something isn't right? . . . Well, Its time to break those chains and pray for God to send those that are true and we must be true in return. & For those that aren't. . . treat accordingly and love from afar. BLESSINGS!  


Dress: Akira   Shoes: Louboutins

Dress: Akira 

Shoes: Louboutins