Distress Vs. Destiny

Jeremiah 29:11. . . ‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the LORD

Its been awhile since I blogged but Im back yet again.lol Real life happens and sometimes I am just EXHAUSTED.lol Something was recently told to me and its been on my heart every since. But before I go into detail, I have to tell you guys what was said....

" Don't stress over something that isn't apart of your destiny"

Now this spoke VOLUMES to me because we can stress over the tiniest issue but in reality we shouldn't stress about anything... especially if it isn't apart of the plan; But we should be praying about everything. With that being said, I know that we can go through the day and either let someone upset you, stress about work, or simply wonder if you're doing enough, etc... So the next time this happens, do me a favor and ask God to show you if its apart of the plan. That person that takes you to another level, for what? They're probably one of those people who are in your life to teach you something (NOT YOUR DESTINY). Does work stress you out to the point where you question if thats where you should be? (NOT YOUR DESTINY) Just do your best and forget the rest because its probably just got preparing you for the job that is a part of your destiny. Follow the plan......& Keep your eyes on the prize. 

God Bless You! 


Shirt & Shorts: Yeezy Inspired lol (Nordstrom BP)

Shoes: Steve Madden