By His Stripes. . .

1 Peter 1:7  . . . These trials will show that your faith is genuine

Do you ever feel like your faith is being test? Do you ever feel like work is too much? School is too hard? Do you gain a sense of anxiety when under too much pressure? There's literally something going on at every single second of life.  Me Too! I've learned that you seriously have to let go and let god. I recently realized that sometimes we overwork ourselves and we're are at a breaking point with no where to turn. When Im at that point I have to realize that things have been worse before and God has brought me out or things could be worse and he will STILL bring you out. Searching for a state of peace in mindset of chaos is not the easiest task but praying constant prayers all day when make you're situation better and you will be stronger than ever. 

What am I wearing?

Tee: Target

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Birkenstock (Nordstrom)