Rejection?!. . . No, Redirection!

Order my steps in your word. . . Psalms 133:119

Ok, so on my way to work the other morning, I was listening to the radio and I heard a Pastor speaking on one of his sermons. He mentioned how we HATE being rejected by a job, college, career, relationship,etc.. BUT that is not always a bad thing. It could simply be God's way of redirecting you to stay on his path. God can allow bad or what we thing is bad things to happen so that you will gain is attention. If you take the time to listen to the people around you,  you will hear the marvelous works of how God redirected them. For example... if I had not left that job I hated, I wouldn't have been blessed with this job that I love.....REDIRECTION. Failing that test in life taught me to study harder and to better appreciate the reward... REDIRECTION. If I hadn't left the person I thought I loved, I wouldn't be with my spouse, the person that God had for me!...REDIRECTION. God didn't allow this idea to come to life because I listened to him and found my true gift and started a business that I never imagined I could have...REDIRECTION.  You See?! These are every day trials and testimonies of how God can redirect you. Take time to take what we think are failures or rejections and turn it around into a positive and go in God's direction for your life. Trust him.